Member and Outside Witness Hearing

Friday, March 11, 2011 - 10:00am
H-309 Capitol

Gerard P. Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Kelly J. Harbitter, Program and Policy Advisor, SEARCH (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Elbridge Coochise, Chief Justice (Ret.), Independent Review Team (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Ann M. Harkins, Esq., Chief Executive Officer, National Crime Prevention Council (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Gabriel A. Morgan, Sr., Sheriff, Newport News City Sheriff's Office, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids (Biography) (Testimony)
B. Diane Williams, Chief Executive Officer, The Safer Foundation (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Paul Bliss, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - National Capitol Area (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Joseph Summerill, Pro-Bono Counsel, National Sheriffs' Association (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Nancy Blaney, Senior Federal Policy Advisor, Animal Welfare Institute (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Gabrielle Martin, President, National Council of EEOC Locals No. 215 (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Jim Kirkland, Vice President and General Council, Trimble Navigation Limited (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Jonathan Pennock, President, Sea Grant Association (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Jason Patlis, President & CEO, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Merle Jefferson, Member, Lummi Indian Business Council, Lummi Indian Nation (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Tony Busalacchi, Professor, University of Maryland - College Park, Board on Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Jeffrey Koenings, Commissioner for Washington and Oregon, Pacific Salmon Commission (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Bill Chandler, Vice President, Government Affairs, Marine Conservation Biology Institute (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
David Krebs, President, Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Paul Lumley, Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Michael W. Jennings, Owner, Cowboy Charters (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Scott Sternberg, President, Vaisala, Inc. (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Craig M. Schiffries, Director for Geoscience Policy, Geological Society of America (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. David Schimel, Chief Executive Officer, National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc. (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
William T. Talman, MD, President, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Graham Fleming, Vice Chancellor of Research, University of California Berkeley (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
George Andrews, Ph.D., Past-President, American Mathematical Society (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Elizabeth Hood, Member, Public Affairs Committee, American Society of Plant Biologists (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Caron E. Gala Bijl (Ms. Gala), Senior Science Policy Associate, Soil Science Society of America (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
David M. Bressoud, Ph.D., Past-President, Mathematical Association of America (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Andrew Reamer, Research Professor, George Washington Institute of Public Policy, George Washington University (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Catherine Swoboda, Science Policy Intern, American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Debbie Elmegreen, President, American Astronomical Society (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Michael Lubell, Director of Public Affairs, American Physical Society (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Tom Smith, Executive Director/General Counsel, American Society of Civil Engineers (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. David Spong, President, American Society for Quality (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Roberta Balstad, Member, Board of Trustees, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Dr. Stephen E. Zebiak, Director-General, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, The Earth Institute at Columbia University (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Anthony "Bud" Rock, Executive Director, Association of Science-Technology Centers (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Tom Skalak, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Vice President for Research, University of Virginia (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
Howard J. Silver, Ph.D., Executive Director, Consortium of Social Science Associations (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)
The Honorable David Cicilline, Member of Congress (Testimony)
The Honorable Laura Richardson, Member of Congress (Testimony)
The Honorable Sam Farr, Member of Congress (Testimony)
The Honorable Jim Ramstad, National Association of Drug Court Professionals (Biography) (Testimony) (Disclosure)

112th Congress